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I am a big fan of wine (it’s gluten free) and I enjoy fresh fruit. Mixing these two together equals total happiness for me :)  Williams-Sonoma Juice Initiative inspired me to create these tipsy juicy drinks.  My favorite summer fruit is the juicy peach and my Fall favorite is the pomagranate. Both make delicous sangrias! Here is to the last few weeks of summer and a toast to Fall. I mixed some of my favorite ingredients together to make delicious drinks. Fresh juice does make the difference. There is already sugar in the drink with triple sec. No need to add more. Of course the wine is from Washington State…

Juicing is a lifestyle I love to promote. I am all about gluten free ways to create healthy happy drinks & meals that make your family enjoy every last bite or sip. I recommend these juicers from Williams- Sonoma. It’s a healthy investment for you and your family! The slow speed masticating juicers give you the vitamin rich juice.


Pomegranate Sangria – My ode to Fall

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (I used a Washington wine)
  • Triple Sec
  • Fresh pomegranate juice
  • pomegranate seeds, oranges & grapes
  • Chill for a few hours


Fresh Peach Sangria – Cheers to Summer Fun

  • Sauvignon Blanc – (I used a Washington wine)
  • Triple Sec
  • Fresh peach juice
  • Fresh mint (pulverize & keep a few for decoration)
  • Oranges & lemons
  • Chill for a few hours

 Sip in the sunshine and enjoy! Cheers! ~ Kathy



Sometimes you just want to get take out! Take out for me is not that easy until you get creative and make your night out fun. Grab a few fun items and enjoy some wine and have a picnic outside or just watch a fun movie while enjoying your take out food. Tonight is Friday night and I always love to think of fun ways to create a good meal with my hubby or invite guests over. We live in an area where there are not that many take out choices for someone with a gluten intolerance. Safe or creative? I use to get mad and just buy a frozen pizza and be done with it.

Now I love to think about a new fun way to enjoy food. Here is my absolute favorite take out meal that you can take anywhere and enjoy with your family.

A soft creamy cheese like brie, Glutino’s gluten free crackers, olives, salami, veges, chocolate and wine laid out on a cutting board with pretty wine glasses with a fun movie on is a perfect Friday night. What is yours?

The gfree life is pretty easy and happy. You just need to be a little creative :)


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The meals were vacuumed packed and ready to heat up with instructions:


Here is the meal finished and I added a cream sauce that I quickly made to top the dinner:


I enjoyed trying the new gluten free delivery service called Sous Kitchen. Two very nice safe and easy gluten free meals arrived at my door last week. My husband who is not gluten free enjoyed the meals with me and happily ate them up. All I had to do was log onto their site and go through their gluten free selection and pick a few choices and add my address then they were delivered right to my door with instruction on how to cook them. The instructions were really to heat the entrée in the oven and within minutes we had a yummy meal.

Here is a little about Sous Kitchen:

Sous Kitchen provides Gluten-Free and Allergy-Conscious Meals delivered hassle free to one’s home or office. Being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity suddenly makes eating, and especially cooking,  more difficult.  And If you’ve gone to a grocery store lately, you’ve likely seen an increase in items labeled Gluten-Free but this is unfortunately not the case for meal delivery services.

We founded Sous Kitchen in 2005 and have since added Gluten-Free meals to our ever-growing menu  because of the vast number of people who prefer gluten-free meals. Our meals allow for an easy way to maintain healthy, delicious, gluten-free living.

Sous Kitchen provides chef-prepared meals that are vacuum-sealed and blast frozen; without the use of any preservatives. We provide simple cooking instructions, so no cooking skills are necessary. Within 30 minutes you can make a 5-star restaurant meal yourself!  All meals are family-friendly and FDA portioned for 3-4 servings.  The average price for a single serving $5-$6.

Sous Kitchen delivers meals throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. We are now working on expanding our delivery areas so more of your readers would be eligible to try our gluten-free, ready-to-cook gourmet meals.

Thank you Sous kitchen for a fabulous stress free dinner :)



Warm weather in the Northwest is finally here! When the weather is nice we are sitting outside as often as possible. To celebrate our Spring weather I love to serve a colorful plate and my first meal was salmon of course with a plateful of colorful veges. It’s super easy and fun to serve on a warm night.

Salmon salad with quinoa


Salmon fillet of your choice with seasoning – I used Tom Douglas’s Rub with love for Salmon (my fav)

Salad greens – I used Organic Girl Super Greens Pack

Sprouted Rice & Quinoa – I used truRoots blend

I also added tomatoes, green onions & shelled edamame. I suggest beets too but I didn’t have any at the time..

Add a little salad dressing and I used Briannas Poppy Seed dressing

Don’t forget the wine! My choice for a fun sunny evening was a nice Sauvignon blanc.



Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can do lots of damage to your body and is overlooked by many doctors.

Celiac Disease is not a usual part of the diagnose when visiting your doctor. Not one doctor ever said you should take gluten out of your diet after I complained so often that my stomach was bloated and hurt so bad after a meal. I was NEVER asked to be tested for celiac disease. Please be your own advocate when it comes to your health. I am gluten free and very happy now. Changing to a gluten free lifestyle can make a huge difference in your health. My only regret is not being tested BEFORE I changed my eating habits.

For Celiac disease symptoms and for more resources go to Celiac.org

I have interviewed so many great people within the online Celiac Community who have shared their stories, products and I have posted a few food hauls and other helpful tips here on Gfree and Happy YouTube page.

Life is much happier when you are your own advocate :)






I am a huge fan of Julia Child and have followed her forever. My obsession with Chefs came at an early age watching Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet on TV with my dad growing up in Santa Barbara. They made cooking fun! My dad loved to cook at least one meal a week if he could and usually it was pancakes. He made huge fluffy pancakes. I always looked forward to those pancakes with margarine and sugary store bought syrup. So yummy! I have never mastered those pancakes so I would make waffles for my family.  The pancake recipe was always from the box but I the thought of my dad cooking us a meal made me happy. Plus my mom never added fun seasonings and usually burnt our food. Yuck… I was a skinny child back then!

My love of food grew and I enjoyed many shows like New Orleans Cajun Style Justin Wilson who I bought his book and made so many great recipes with roux and sausages and so on… After that I found a ton of great chefs on TV through the Food Network and Cooking Channels.  I also made sure my kids loved to cook and enjoy good meals. But then the attack of the gluten came and I stopped making fun foods and tried more packaged foods that were boring tasteless meals because that is what I thought the whole gluten free scene had to be.  

I have adjusted to a much more healthy happy lifestyle. You can actually make an amazing meal without even opening a package. I think my life and hopefully my family enjoy my cooking now more than ever! I love to see a recipe and make it my own. I hardly ever make the same dinner twice.  Cooking with colors, lots of vegetables and new flavors makes me the happiest. I no longer can eat gluten or much sugar but my plate is always full of new and exciting things.

Be fearless & have fun in the kitchen :)




Going to new restaurants can be a scary situation if you have food allergies or are gluten intolerant. My family is very use to my gluten intolerance and in fact will help remind me to make sure I tell the wait staff at times. Going out with friends I do get a bit nervous because you don’t want to seem like a total freak asking about every little detail of your meal or taking a little longer in scanning the menus.

This week I went out with two ladies and one of them picked the restuaraunt for us and she was careful to make sure gluten free options were on the menu for me. When you are enjoying the fun of visiting and enjoying a good meal you forget that someone took the time to create a wonderful safe venue for me to enjoy a meal with friends. A few days later I am thinking about that wonderful meal and it hit me Chef Kirsten of MesadeVida.com had been a big supporter of my gluten sensitivity and I wanted to thank her here on my blog. Not only did I get to relax and enjoy a meal with friends but I didn’t worry when the waiter had no idea what foods were gluten free. The menu labeled all gluten free meals and there were many so I didn’t have to rely on that waiter! Chef Kirsten had also taken the time to research the menu before we arrived.

You really do want to thank wonderful friends and family for keeping you happy and gluten safe going out. I was able to go wine tasting after the fun meal because of my friend watching out for gluten for me. Cheers!

The picture above was the best Flan I have ever tasted! I want to thank the Twisted Cuban Cafe & Bar for providing a perfect gluten free meal. I will be back and I do recommend this place! Just make sure your wait staff understands what gluten free is please!


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5 years ago I started my journey of being my own advocate. Not only did I find out I could never tolerate gluten again I also found out that I had a tear in both my hips. To be exact a tear in my labrum. What the heck was that? 5 years ago there wasn’t much research on either one of these health issues for me. The best thing I did back then was be my OWN advocate when not even the doctors really understood what the heck should be done. With the help of my husband I was able to get as much information about both of these health issues and decide on my path to health and happiness.

I decided to heal my body by getting a good Naturapathic doctor that specialized in digestion and a good personal trainer at my local gym. They both helped guide me to where I am now. Happy and Healthy :) I graduated from the many visits about boosting my immune system and healing my gut. Also finding wonderful people online to suggest detoxes, healthy meals, and new ideas like raw and vegan recipes to make for my family has helped me so much.

Being a member of a gym is super nice here in the NW but if you don’t use the time properly you will never see results. Hence the trainer… I have learned so much from my personal trainer who understood not to hurt my hips and worked with me off and on for two years now strengthening my core muscles. It’s a work in progress…

The best reward to being my own advocate was yesterday when I had a check up with the doctor that diagnosed my hips 5 years ago. We did the same X-rays and there it was the culprit of my tears that did not show up 5 years ago. The same doctor who mentioned I should have surgery 5 years ago was happy with my progress and also told me from all the research done in the past 5 years surgery would not be an option now. The validation of my decisions 5 years ago was a big relief to me.

Happiness to me is to be my own advocate in my health. This is why I do what I do today with my blog and weekly shows.

My next post will be my new mission – tackling menopause!

The love of wine has been a big part of my 5 year journey! It’s gluten free too!


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Thank you for sharing my videos with your gluten free friends! I’ve been having a great time getting to know others who are living similar lifestyles. If you know of anyone who is just starting out their gluten free journey, feel free to have them reach out to me via email at kathy at gfreeandhappy dot com.

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About the LIVE GFree and Happy Show:
GFree and Happy is all about connecting the gluten free community all over the world bringing you guests, news, products and lifestyle fun to a weekly Monday night live stream show and blogs.