Celiac and the Beast (#GFreeHappy Ep. 51)

gf51-siteGfree and Happy’s gift idea for the holidays! Author Erica Dermer of Celiac and the Beast shares her fun glutenfree experience in her new book Celiac and the Beast.

I recently published a Gluten Free Holiday Guide where I will add to my holiday videos (including this one) – check it out and share what you’re up to this holiday season.

Watch last week’s episode: RAW FUN (#GFreeHappy Ep. 50)

Thank you for sharing my videos with your gluten free friends! I’ve been having a great time getting to know others who are living similar lifestyles. If you know of anyone who is just starting out their gluten free journey, feel free to have them reach out to me via email at kathy at gfreeandhappy dot com.

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  • Ronan Guinan

    So excellent! Thank you, this is a wonderful illustration of battling through medical politics. I felt I was my only advocate and I was. So for friends and family of possible celiac loved ones, stick with them. Support can ease this process of diagnosis so much!

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