Gluten Free and Disneyland


“Are you gluten free (or traveling with someone who is) and visiting Disneyland?”

I am sharing my Disneyland experiences and giving gluten free Disneyland goers some helpful GFree tips to help you or your kids enjoy a fun time with your family at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Watch my episode, GFree and Happy Episode 14, that outlines my favorite meals, the best tips for visiting the parks, and more. You’ll find my notes written out below, some links, and a couple of fun videos that will hopefully get you excited about your trip.

Kathy Nelson Gluten Free
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Tips from Chef Bill

  • Disney has Chef Bill teach all the methods and very strict rules on how to cook and serve gfree.
  • They are constantly making new recipes and finding new treats to serve their gfree guests.
  • Disney has a strict protocol for their staff when anyone mentions a food allergy.
  • No cross contamination happens in the kitchens, everything is separate such as waffle irons…
  • Pop quizzes are conducted often for each Chef and if they fail one thing they have to do the test again.
  • If you are gluten free be proactive! If you do not tell the Chef you are gluten free, there is gluten hidden in many places. I found out that the bacon and sausage in the buffets are placed in a pan on top of BREAD to soak up the oils. The sent me out waffles, bacon and sausage from the kitchen at the Breakfast at the Plaza.
  • The most popular gfree food at the Park is Waffles and the hamburgers are a close 2nd.
  • Most popular Gluten Free treats are Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dole Whip
  • The waffle and pancake mix is Bob’s Red Mill waffle and pancake batter
  • The pizza served at Redd Rockets Pizza Port is made by Venice Bakery.
  • Carts in the Park have lots of snacks that might have gluten in them, read the labels or ask the Manager to talk with you. I did order corn on the cob and a frozen banana and both were safe and yummy.
  • Email with any questions you have before, during or after visiting Disney.
  • There is a special Diet Chef at each Disney place. Cruises, Florida and so on…

My family and I traveled for 5 days to visit family and enjoy Disneyland for 3 days. We got the 3 day hopper and tried both Parks. We loved them both! I will say that 3 days is not enough time to enjoy the full experience.

I have learned over the years if I want to enjoy a trip or even a night out I want to do some research. I had a few months since I booked the trip so I really wanted to know the details on how to enjoy myself at Disneyland. I called Disneyland Resort and they immediately got me in touch with the California Hotel Chef Chris. The Chefs at the Disneyland Resort have been recognized for moving the Parks forward in creating safe and amazing gluten free foods.

Chef Bill Disneyland
About Chef Bill
Rock Star Chef Bill who is the Special Dietary Chef. Most people with food allergies that have questions get referred to Chef Bill. He started working at Disneyland 23 years ago. He first heard about the gluten free lifestyle 17 years ago. When a woman called and asked if he could make her gluten free pancakes. He drove to the store and bought the mix and made her those pancakes. He has been the rock star ever since. Here is a little bit about how Disney is one of the front runners in creating a safe and delicious atmosphere for all of us with food allergies.

Talking to Chef Bill I felt better about going to solely eat at Disneyland for 3 days and enjoy myself. He gave me lots of great tips and answered all my questions. Disneyland is a big place and he knew everyone and everything served there.

Disneyland Character Dining

GFree and Happy visited Disneyland and dined at Plaza Inn’s “Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park.” Here is Kathy’s grandson dancing with Tigger, one of the characters that was at the breakfast in the park.

Disney California Adventure Radiator Springs Racers

Disney California Adventure’s new Cars Land ride Radiator Springs is the first ride the GFree and Happy team made sure we stopped. Watch Kathy and her husband Tracy on the ride. Thanks to GoPro for helping us capture the action!

Tell me what YOUR Disneyland and/or Disney California Adventure experience was like.

Have you been to Disneyland in the last 10 years as someone who is gluten free, or do have you have a family member that is gluten free?

Tell me about it by submitting your experience to the right. If it meets my blog editorial guidelines I will be in touch about publishing your experience for others to benefit from when making plans for visiting the Parks. Thank you for sharing!


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