Gluten Free on the Go Snacking with Zing Bars CEO, David Ingalls (#GFreeHappy Ep. 31)

ep31-siteZing Bars co-founder & CEO David Ingalls talks about how the company got started and healthy gfree ingredients in all their bars. Founded by 4 nutritionists.

About my guest, David Ingalls, MS, RD and CEO of
David Ingalls, MS, RD
Diet lies at the very foundation of our health and well-being. As such, I work with a wide range of nutrition-related disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, poor digestion and weight loss, as well as food allergies, detoxification and fatigue. Combining up-to-date information with individualized meals plans, I take the guess work out of nutrition.

Guiding clients to make modest changes in both WHAT they eat and WHEN they eat produces dramatic changes in mood, energy levels, weight and wellness. People are often surprised at how quickly cravings disappear and vigor returns.

As an educator, public speaker and counselor, my life’s work is to help people lead healthy lives by harnessing the power of food. Read more on his dietician and nutritionist practice website here.

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