4 Day – 50th Birthday Celebration!

PicMonkey Collage-1Gym time, Chef Kirsten, Family cake time

I am now 50! I have to say I do not feel different from last week. šŸ™‚ I wanted to share and hopefully encourage all of you to celebrate each birthday with lots of gfree food, family & friends. My 50th birthday celebration was one to remember.

PicMonkey Collage-2Mama Mia party, greek appetizers, gluten free Green’s beer, wine tasting

My son & his girlfriend visited for 5 days and celebrated with the family. My birthday started with champagne for lunch and dinner. My son took me out for lunch at a restaurant in Kirkland Washington. It was such a beautiful day in the NW. Chef Kirsten cooked dinner at my house for my whole family. She made gfree crab cakes, coleslaw and rosemary garlic rolls. It was like having the Food Network at my house. We enjoyed wine and cheese and we watched her cook. My cake from Sweet Cakes in Kirkland Wa was all lemon and tasty! Everyone loved it and I am the ONLY one gluten free in my family.

2nd day of celebration was a visit to the famous Pikes Market in Seattle. We all at a local brewery and I had a gluten free beer and radishes with truffle salt. So good! Plus a stop at my customers Winery in Woodinville where we tasted very good wines and ate chocolate. My children surprised me with a Mama Mia birthday party with fresh halibut cheeks, more champagne and lots of greek food. My daughter set up my old 45 records to listen to. Yep 45’s!

Another day of cooking food, playing cards,football game, movies and wine with a night out of local mexican food. My son’s girlfriend can cook and should have her own blog! I made sure my son could cook before he left home too. His amazing pork loin was the best ever.Ā  So tasty!

PicMonkey-3 CollageCheese plate with wine, chilaquiles, BBQ pork loin with homemade BBQ rub & sauce, shrimp soup

The last celebration was a special visit from the rock band I use to manage in Seattle a few years back. They have grown up and have families so I never get to see them much. They treated me to their old set list of songs I loved. Good food and wine again!

I am very thankful and happy I was able to enjoy so many days with my family and friends. It took me days to get through all the leftovers! I have never been so full!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It’s a good start to a great year!


  • Dana

    Would like the recipe for all these wonderful looking items if possible???.

  • Dana

    Guess I should have said which ones…..the pork ones from your birthday. Pork tenderloin, shrimp soup post, please.

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