I have been gluten free and happy since 2009. It’s been a journey of doctor and emergency room visits for years of my life. My clothes size were a whole size bigger than I actually wore for years and I couldn’t understand why?  I was buying prilosac and other pills so I could eat out with my family and keep my stomach from hurting. Those were the most frustrating days!

My husband and I finally figured out I was allergic to gluten after visiting another doctor who said to go to another specialist. There is no family history of this and I had no idea until we started researching online. Doctors pretty much gave up on trying to find out what was wrong with me. All it took was educating myself and by the third day of my gluten free diet I felt better!  I am still healing my body from the wear and tear of antibiotics and many years of fighting gluten. Through this blog and the many interviews I have done on YouTube I have educated myself and hopefully helped others start to understand how important it is to eat a healthy happy lifestyle that your body actually likes.

My posts will be highlighting my favorite healthy happy gluten free treats, restaurants, recipes, and local gluten free businesses. Check out my past Gfree and Happy Shows where I have interviewed many guest and done a few recipes on YouTube. Getting to know my fellow gluten free/celiac/health conscious mentors has been the best thing I could have done for me and my family.

I am the only one in my whole family that is gluten intolerant so for years I have been feeding my family and friends gluten free meals. I hope this blog will help others to find fun recipes and a happy gluten free lifestyle. My days are spent selling Real Estate in the greater Seattle area with Windermere and with my sweet grandsons. My husband and I love riding our motorcycle and boating in the San Juan Islands for fun and adventure.


A glass of wine and a piece of dark chocolate also makes me happy!

Cheers 🙂