Be fearless, have fun and learn how to cook


I am a huge fan of Julia Child and have followed her forever. My obsession with Chefs came at an early age watching Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet on TV with my dad growing up in Santa Barbara. They made cooking fun! My dad loved to cook at least one meal a week if he could and usually it was pancakes. He made huge fluffy pancakes. I always looked forward to those pancakes with margarine and sugary store bought syrup. So yummy! I have never mastered those pancakes so I would make waffles for my family.  The pancake recipe was always from the box but I the thought of my dad cooking us a meal made me happy. Plus my mom never added fun seasonings and usually burnt our food. Yuck… I was a skinny child back then!

My love of food grew and I enjoyed many shows like New Orleans Cajun Style Justin Wilson who I bought his book and made so many great recipes with roux and sausages and so on… After that I found a ton of great chefs on TV through the Food Network and Cooking Channels.  I also made sure my kids loved to cook and enjoy good meals. But then the attack of the gluten came and I stopped making fun foods and tried more packaged foods that were boring tasteless meals because that is what I thought the whole gluten free scene had to be.  

I have adjusted to a much more healthy happy lifestyle. You can actually make an amazing meal without even opening a package. I think my life and hopefully my family enjoy my cooking now more than ever! I love to see a recipe and make it my own. I hardly ever make the same dinner twice.  Cooking with colors, lots of vegetables and new flavors makes me the happiest. I no longer can eat gluten or much sugar but my plate is always full of new and exciting things.

Be fearless & have fun in the kitchen 🙂


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