Dining out with friends when you are gluten intolerant


Going to new restaurants can be a scary situation if you have food allergies or are gluten intolerant. My family is very use to my gluten intolerance and in fact will help remind me to make sure I tell the wait staff at times. Going out with friends I do get a bit nervous because you don’t want to seem like a total freak asking about every little detail of your meal or taking a little longer in scanning the menus.

This week I went out with two ladies and one of them picked the restuaraunt for us and she was careful to make sure gluten free options were on the menu for me. When you are enjoying the fun of visiting and enjoying a good meal you forget that someone took the time to create a wonderful safe venue for me to enjoy a meal with friends. A few days later I am thinking about that wonderful meal and it hit me Chef Kirsten of MesadeVida.com had been a big supporter of my gluten sensitivity and I wanted to thank her here on my blog. Not only did I get to relax and enjoy a meal with friends but I didn’t worry when the waiter had no idea what foods were gluten free. The menu labeled all gluten free meals and there were many so I didn’t have to rely on that waiter! Chef Kirsten had also taken the time to research the menu before we arrived.

You really do want to thank wonderful friends and family for keeping you happy and gluten safe going out. I was able to go wine tasting after the fun meal because of my friend watching out for gluten for me. Cheers!

The picture above was the best Flan I have ever tasted! I want to thank the Twisted Cuban Cafe & Bar for providing a perfect gluten free meal. I will be back and I do recommend this place! Just make sure your wait staff understands what gluten free is please!


  • Gluten Aware

    Could you share what dishes you had that were gluten free? Also, would you recommend these dishes as safe for a person with celiac’s?

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