First Gluten-Free Food Delivery Service for Busy People – Sous Kitchen

The meals were vacuumed packed and ready to heat up with instructions:


Here is the meal finished and I added a cream sauce that I quickly made to top the dinner:


I enjoyed trying the new gluten free delivery service called Sous Kitchen. Two very nice safe and easy gluten free meals arrived at my door last week. My husband who is not gluten free enjoyed the meals with me and happily ate them up. All I had to do was log onto their site and go through their gluten free selection and pick a few choices and add my address then they were delivered right to my door with instruction on how to cook them. The instructions were really to heat the entrée in the oven and within minutes we had a yummy meal.

Here is a little about Sous Kitchen:

Sous Kitchen provides Gluten-Free and Allergy-Conscious Meals delivered hassle free to one’s home or office. Being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity suddenly makes eating, and especially cooking,  more difficult.  And If you’ve gone to a grocery store lately, you’ve likely seen an increase in items labeled Gluten-Free but this is unfortunately not the case for meal delivery services.

We founded Sous Kitchen in 2005 and have since added Gluten-Free meals to our ever-growing menu  because of the vast number of people who prefer gluten-free meals. Our meals allow for an easy way to maintain healthy, delicious, gluten-free living.

Sous Kitchen provides chef-prepared meals that are vacuum-sealed and blast frozen; without the use of any preservatives. We provide simple cooking instructions, so no cooking skills are necessary. Within 30 minutes you can make a 5-star restaurant meal yourself!  All meals are family-friendly and FDA portioned for 3-4 servings.  The average price for a single serving $5-$6.

Sous Kitchen delivers meals throughout California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. We are now working on expanding our delivery areas so more of your readers would be eligible to try our gluten-free, ready-to-cook gourmet meals.

Thank you Sous kitchen for a fabulous stress free dinner 🙂

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