Gluten Free Labels & Babies (GFree and Happy Ep. 32)

Gluten Free LabelsKelly’s story is one every woman have trouble starting a family needs to hear. Through her struggles with infertility and miscarriages she discovered she had a wheat allergy. After drastically changing her lifestyle to one that was gluten free and happy she was able to finally conceive. Kelly talks about this as well as how she started her business, Gluten Free labels in episode 32 of GFree and Happy.

About my guest, Kelly LeDonni, Founder of

My idea for first emerged after I wrote all over a bottle of alcohol “Kelly’s bottle”, so others would not drink it at a party. I was a bit embarrassed. It’s not because I’m anti-sharing or a heavy drinker. I just wanted guests to know that I was unable to drink anything other than my gluten free bottle of coconut Ciroc. Like everyone else, I wanted to enjoy the festivities. As I started thinking about this labeling idea, I also began considering the idea of gluten free tags to attach to items such as strainers, trays, and utensils. I immediately set out to act on this idea to provide others and myself an effective and simple labeling method to protect against cross contamination.

After a couple miscarriages and creating a healthy lifestyle, she and her husband have 3 beautiful children.

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I also did a review on Chef Anthony Russo’s gluten free pizza last week- you will love their crust! Watch the video here. Thank you for sharing my videos with your gluten free friends! I’ve been having a great time getting to know others who are living similar lifestyles. If you know of anyone who is just starting out their gluten free journey, feel free to have them reach out to me via email at kathy at gfreeandhappy dot com.

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