Gluten is My Bitch with GFree and Happy Ep. 33

ep33-siteRants, Recipes, and ridiculousness for the GlutenFree – Author April Peveteaux talks to Kathy about her life after being diagnosed Celiac. April tells it like it is and with tons of great tips for anyone just starting out their glutenfree journey.

About my guest, April Peveteaux, Writer of Gluten is My Bitch

So I have celiac disease, aka, a wicked reaction to gluten as a result of an auto-immune disease. As someone who has written about, eaten, and adored food this diagnosis was kind of a buzz kill. But as someone who is pretty sure I can re-imagine fried food and bread sticks, I’m confident I can give gluten the ass-kicking it deserves.

And it deserves a big one, as I recently discovered that my mother has been suffering from gluten ataxia, and my little girl is also in the celiac club. WTF, people.

You can also read more of my ramblings on parenting, current events, and whatever blows my skirt up around the world wide web. Need some gluten-free advice? You can find me at Living Without. I also enjoy the occasional nostalgic trip.

Buy April’s book, Gluten is My Bitch here.

Gluten Is My Bitch offers a brutally honest and hilarious take on the realities of living a gluten-free life. As the 18 million gluten-intolerants and 3 million celiac disease sufferers in the United States can attest, living gluten-free isn’t a lot of fun, but author April Peveteaux has at least managed to make it funny. Described as the “Chelsea Handler of the gluten-free set,” April employs her unique sense of humor to provide the perfect guide to navigating a gluten-free life. In addition to her hysterical wisdom, she offers 40 gluten-free comfort food recipes that will make even the most frustrated gluten-intolerant smile with relief.

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Thank you for sharing my videos with your gluten free friends! I’ve been having a great time getting to know others who are living similar lifestyles. If you know of anyone who is just starting out their gluten free journey, feel free to have them reach out to me via email at kathy at gfreeandhappy dot com.

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