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5 years ago I started my journey of being my own advocate. Not only did I find out I could never tolerate gluten again I also found out that I had a tear in both my hips. To be exact a tear in my labrum. What the heck was that? 5 years ago there wasn’t much research on either one of these health issues for me. The best thing I did back then was be my OWN advocate when not even the doctors really understood what the heck should be done. With the help of my husband I was able to get as much information about both of these health issues and decide on my path to health and happiness.

I decided to heal my body by getting a good Naturapathic doctor that specialized in digestion and a good personal trainer at my local gym. They both helped guide me to where I am now. Happy and Healthy 🙂 I graduated from the many visits about boosting my immune system and healing my gut. Also finding wonderful people online to suggest detoxes, healthy meals, and new ideas like raw and vegan recipes to make for my family has helped me so much.

Being a member of a gym is super nice here in the NW but if you don’t use the time properly you will never see results. Hence the trainer… I have learned so much from my personal trainer who understood not to hurt my hips and worked with me off and on for two years now strengthening my core muscles. It’s a work in progress…

The best reward to being my own advocate was yesterday when I had a check up with the doctor that diagnosed my hips 5 years ago. We did the same X-rays and there it was the culprit of my tears that did not show up 5 years ago. The same doctor who mentioned I should have surgery 5 years ago was happy with my progress and also told me from all the research done in the past 5 years surgery would not be an option now. The validation of my decisions 5 years ago was a big relief to me.

Happiness to me is to be my own advocate in my health. This is why I do what I do today with my blog and weekly shows.

My next post will be my new mission – tackling menopause!

The love of wine has been a big part of my 5 year journey! It’s gluten free too!


  • That is awesome, Kathy! SO happy for you! It is great when we can be our own health advocates…your story is very inspiring.

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