Kitchen Table Parmesan Cheese Crisps


I love to be a taste tester for yummy gluten free products on the market. Kitchen Table Parmesan Cheese Crisps are so light and very good with my salad and wine. I had never tried these before and their packaging and crisps were really nicely done.

Personally I do not like to eat many processed foods anymore. These crisps only have cheese & salt as an ingredient basically. I am not allergic to dairy. Score! My favorite pairing with the Aged Parmesan Crisps would be a nice salad with a glass of wine. A perfect combo! I have also had these by themselves as a fun snack. My husband loves the Jalapeno Parmesan Crisp with his salads. I have also tried these as gfree croutons on my salad. They add a nice crunch!

For a dinner party or luncheon these would make the meal fun and I love that they are gfree and just two ingredients! I am always trying to find gree fun elements to my meals. These are perfect!



  • Casey

    I am also avoiding most processed foods, so it’s great to find a product worthy of eating anyway. Thanks for the great product review! 🙂

  • Barry Novick

    Just a note of clarification. There is no Added Salt…It is made entirely of Parmesan Cheese that contains salt.
    Nothing is added but seeds and herbs never any additional salt in either the cheese or the seeds/herbs.
    Try them with Tuna, Hummus, Egg Salad or any of your favorite toppings you would use a traditional cracker.
    For the Kids, put a little pizza sauce and some pizza cheese pop into the micro for 30 seconds and they have mini pizzas.
    Check out the website for other great recipes, most are or could be made gluten free.
    Thank you for the nice words about our crisps.
    Barry Novick

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