My fav gluten free fast food


Sometimes you just want to get take out! Take out for me is not that easy until you get creative and make your night out fun. Grab a few fun items and enjoy some wine and have a picnic outside or just watch a fun movie while enjoying your take out food. Tonight is Friday night and I always love to think of fun ways to create a good meal with my hubby or invite guests over. We live in an area where there are not that many take out choices for someone with a gluten intolerance. Safe or creative? I use to get mad and just buy a frozen pizza and be done with it.

Now I love to think about a new fun way to enjoy food. Here is my absolute favorite take out meal that you can take anywhere and enjoy with your family.

A soft creamy cheese like brie, Glutino’s gluten free crackers, olives, salami, veges, chocolate and wine laid out on a cutting board with pretty wine glasses with a fun movie on is a perfect Friday night. What is yours?

The gfree life is pretty easy and happy. You just need to be a little creative šŸ™‚


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