OMG my new favorite brownie!

I am so not a fan of putting avocado in my desserts! It seems really gross to me. When I came upon this recipe on Pinterest this summer I first saw the photo and then read the recipe. That changed my mind. That photo of a super fudgy brownie looked so good I was going to use black beans and avocado to make it! What! Black beans in my brownie? Yep and in the food processor it goes. Wow the taste was incredible and it took just a few simple easy ingredients. Even my grandson asks for it now. No one can guess it has vegetables in it and you make it with a can of beans. HA! Who knew… I highly recommend this yummy chocolaty perfect brownie. I ran out of avocado once and made it with a little coconut yogurt instead and just as tasty. It’s a very good gluten free dessert to share with your friends and family.

I would like to personally thank Monique of Ambitious Kitchen for my favorite gluten free brownie recipe. Here is the recipe. Hope you try it 🙂 What would I do without pinterest!

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