Turning 50!


I turn 50 in a few days. Fifty years! I love birthdays. I love to celebrate. Where did the years go…
Last year I made a wish that I would enjoy my 49th year and start planning for my 50th. Not planning a party but how I would feel inside and out on my 50th birthday.

A year ago I thought I was doing pretty good with my gluten free lifestyle and eating healthy and working out with a trainer. My lifestyle changed after hosting lots of yummy fun holiday celebrations last December. I ate all gluten free food since 2009 but I kept feeling bloated and full after each meal.. Plus I developed a bad case of hives. Frustration hit me big time. New Years day 2013 I watched the documentary called “Food Matters”. My mindset changed that day. I have been learning how to eat whole foods ever since! Drinking tons of water and observing big milestones this past year that I have never achieved before. I also started a show online that happens every Monday night at 7pm PST and its live with chat live.gfreeandhappy.com so I could start my quest to feel my best and enjoy talking to others on the same journey.

A gluten free lifestyle has NEVER been a diet to me. It’s been a way of life since I finally found out why I doubled over in horrible pain for years after eating gluten or why I wore pants that were at least two sizes too big for me for years. I use to carry Prilosec in my purse where ever I went. Finally after a self diagnoses I never purposely ate gluten again.  I actually gained weight during the first few years of eating gluten free. It was all about comfort foods for me back then.


January 2013 was eye opening for me. I started getting to know the gluten free community online and learning from everyone I could about eating healthy. Through many wonderful nutritionists, fitness experts and lots of great articles and videos online I figured out what my body likes and how I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. We have the best gluten free community!

Here is what I learned this past year:

  • Process food whether it’s gluten free or not is FULL of sugar.
  • Sugar was the culprit of my hives after a process of elimination of foods.
  • GMOs are not friendly to my body.
  • There are tons of healing natural foods.
  • You really do not crave sugar or carbs very often when eating whole happy wonderful foods.
  • If you eliminate processed foods from your grocery bill you can buy more veges and organic foods.
  • Tons of new energy brings big results at the gym.
  • Caffeine is not the only thing that will revive you at 2pm.
  • Nuts and oils are not fattening when processed foods are eliminated from your lifestyle.
  • Years of using ibuprofen will hurt your gut horribly. One of my sad points! I have injured hips.
  • Antibiotics kill your happy flora in your gut. I am still healing from the years of sinus infections.
  • Probiotics help your gut heal.
  • Water does wonders to your health.

How I feel right before my 50th birthday?

  • Almost better than I did in my 20’s if you can believe that!
  • I lost weight which was not a goal but when your body feels good & likes what you eat it shows!
  • I am limiting processed foods.
  • My daily intake of sugar is mainly natural sugars. This was a big change! I grew up on sugar foods!
  • Comfort foods do not have to be processed anymore.
  • I am stronger physically than I have been in years.
  • I enjoy colorful healthy meals with a nice glass of wine.


Cheers to fifty gfree and happy!

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